Terranom Online Backup System

Backup any data, anytime, anywhere.


Terranom Online Backup™ with LiveProtect.
Backup any data, any time, to any destination

Terranom gives you the flexibility and power to create a backup that will meet your need. Backup your MS Outlook daily to 6 global datacenters. Backup your entire computer to a USB drive nightly or backup My Documents to your iPod each hour or engage LiveProtectTM to have Terranom watch your files and provide continuous real-time data protection. You save it we back it up offsite invisibly and automatically, keeping an unlimited version history that lets you roll-back to any point in time.
Terranom provides Big-Business IT best-practice for the little guy true multi-destination, multi-schedule backup that can be adapted to meet your needs but at consumer price. Terranom is software as a service billed at a low monthly subscription. A basic annual subscription costs less than most stand-alone backup software packages let alone a tape-drive or an external hard-drive.

Local Backup

Online backup is invaluable but simply cannot protect your entire computer. Using Terranom local backup system, you can backup your entire computer, open/locked files and operating system files to any local medium, whether it is an external USB drive, a local network location, a USB stick or an iPod.

Unlimited Number of Computers

Backup as many computers as you like using one account. Over 60% of households have more than one computer, and Terranom allows you to backup and recover from all of your machines. Backup your home, office and laptop computers all on one account for easy access to ALL your files from anywhere.

Unlimited Versions & Powerful Recovery
Keep an unlimited version history of all your files roll back your books to last year's tax records if you wish. Use our time machine feature to go back to the date you want to restore and recover that snapshot of files & versions.

Fully Flexible Scheduling
Monthly, weekly, daily, hourly or instant backup.
Engage Terranom LiveProtect to have Terranom back up files as soon as a change is detected.
Intelligent File Filters
Tell Terranom Online Backup to watch your My Documents folder but to ignore all *.mp3's and *.avi's. Alternatively, tell Terranom to only protect *.doc, and *.xls. Either use our pre-sets, or set your own inclusion/exclusion mask.
Enterprise Compression & Transfer Systems
Terranom compression system only backs up changed files and then only the changed 1's and 0's are transferred. On a 500 MB database (MYOB/Intuit/Turbo Tax) the daily transfer can be as small as 5 KB. Our transfer system is enterprise grade, meaning that large file transfers are resumed at the KB of interruption, and does not start at the beginning like most online backup systems.

Global Roaming Access to Your Files
Because your data is being backed up daily to the Terranom Backup Server Grid you can access your data anywhere in the world using just a web browser. Never be without that critical file again.

One-Click File & Folder Sharing
From inside the Online Recovery Interface you can share your files with anyone to an email address. Never have a large attachment bounce again. Just share your backed-up data with your friends and colleagues. Or if you are a home user simply share photos or videos.


Unlike other online backup systems, we do not delete the file from your backup just because you delete the file from your computer. Over 80% of data loss occurs due to accidental deletion. Rest assured, we keep every version of every file forever. Unless you choose to remove it.

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